Lulu's Glamour Wash (Regular)

Lulu's Glamour Wash (Regular)

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Lulu's Glamour Wash is a safe, environmentally friendly cloth diaper and laundry detergent that rinses out completely, leaving no ammonia-causing residue behind.

Lulu's was formulated out of a need to clean with glamour, because heaven knows ammonia and build-up are far from glamourous! It's made of safe, phosphate-free ingredients, which are good for the planet, and is great for kids and adults.

Best of all, it is totally safe for cloth diapers. Just one tablespoon and you are on your way to clean diapers and clothing!

This formula is for people with soft to hard water. Have really hard water? Try some extra glamour.

Approximately 45 Loads/90 HE

2 lb. bag

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